Top 10 Airbnb Essentials That You Can Buy on Amazon

As Airbnb hosts, we rely on Amazon to keep our vacation rental properties stocked while staying on budget. Between managing our own Cape Charles vacation home and co-hosting several other properties, we pretty much always have an active cart on Amazon. From bedding and towels to kitchen essentials, here are some of our favorite Airbnb essentials that you can buy on Amazon.

    1. Bath Towels — We always recommend white towels for our properties. They are the cleanest, most professional looking option. And with proper care, they hold up better than colored towels, which can stain easily and fade quickly. We have used these white Utopia towels in our own Airbnb for over a year now and have only had to toss a couple that guests hung on our ancient doorknobs, resulting in rust stains. (We added hooks in every room after that, which has prevented that from happening again.) They are thick, fluffy, and affordable. Buy It: 4 Pack of White Towels

      Kitchen towels for Airbnb
    2. Kitchen Towels — We've made it our policy to toss any stained items from our Airbnb rentals, so we go through a lot of kitchen towels. Still, we want our kitchen towels to be cute and to match the coastal style of our properties. These striped kitchen towels fit the bill, and they come out to less than $2 each! Bonus: They come in a variety of colors to match your decor. Buy It: 12 Pack of Striped Kitchen Towels

      Cheap memory foam mattress for Airbnb
    3. MattressWe have bought and loved the Zinus mattress in our own home, so we felt confident buying it for every room in our Airbnb rental. This memory foam mattress comes in a surprisingly compact box but needs a few days to properly expand. At less than $300 for the queen size mattress, it's incredibly budget friendly. And we've had a number of guests rave about this bed! Buy It: Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

      table lamps for Airbnb
    4. Lamps — You don't have to spend a lot of money on lamps! Amazon has some really lovely options with cool features like USB outlets. We've bought several pairs of these USB lamps for the bedrooms in our properties, and we often get comments from guests about what a nice touch they are. It's details like these that stand out in guests' minds! Buy It: Mercury Glass Table Lamps

      Best Smart Lock for Airbnb
    5. Smart Lock — The No. 1 question we hear from newbie Airbnb hosts is, "Which smart lock should I buy for my Airbnb?" It's definitely an important purchase that will give you and your guests critical access to your property. After doing tons of research, we landed on the Schlage Sense smart lock with wi-fi adaptor for our own vacation rental, and we have been very happy with it. We can access the lock using our phones from anywhere, easily change access codes, and monitor who is going in and out at any time. Buy It: Schlage Sense Smart Lock

      beach towels for Airbnb
    6. Beach Towels — We've found that our guests really appreciate having beach towels provided, but these get a lot of wear at our family-oriented property. We love these colorful Turkish towels because they are absorbent, lightweight, and affordable. And they look adorable hanging in our entryway! Plus, our cleaners love how quickly they dry on turn days. Buy It: Set of 6 XXL Turkish Towels

      coffee mugs for Airbnb
    7. Mugs — While IKEA is our go-to for durable and affordable glassware and dishes, we prefer the mug selection on Amazon. Our house sleeps 10, so it's important for us to have plenty of coffee mugs for sleepy mornings when everyone is chugging coffee. Having a variety of colors helps guests keep track of their individual mugs. We're partial to the coffee mugs from the brand Sweese — they come in cute colors, and they're durable — no breakages yet (knock on wood!). Buy It: Sweese Coffee Cups

      Smart speaker for Airbnb
    8. Speakers — We're a family of music lovers, and it seems like our guests are too — we often get comments about how much they enjoy the smart speakers scattered throughout the house. We've used both Google and Amazon smart speakers and have been happy with both. We have a main speaker in the dining room and several small ones in the bedrooms. Buy It: Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

      duvet for vacation rental
    9. Duvet Inserts — We once asked our Instagram followers if they preferred duvets or quilts, and the answers were split — so we have both! We have bought this Utopia duvet insert multiple times for our own home and Airbnbs, and we can't rave about it enough. It's less than $30 but it feels great. Just read the 65K+ reviews if you don't believe us! Buy It: Utopia Duvet Insert

      sugar packets for Airbnb
    10. Coffee Supplies — Stocking your home's coffee station is one of those little details that make your home stand out to guests. We provide a customized one-pot bag of coffee from our local roasters as well as individual half-and-half and sugar packets. If you buy in bulk, it's just a $30 investment that should last you through several seasons. Buy It: Sugar Packets and Half-and-Half
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