5 Reasons You Should Visit Cape Charles in the Winter

Sure, Cape Charles shines in the spring and summer. It’s gorgeous in the fall. But what about the winter? Contrary to what some may assume, the town does not shut down for the winter. In fact, the chilly months of December through February are a truly special time to visit the Shore. Here’s why we encourage everyone to visit Cape Charles in the winter.

    1. It doesn’t get more peaceful than this. If you fancy the idea of having the entire beach to yourself and quiet walks around town, you can have that experience in the winter months. The vibe in town is completely different from any other time of year — extra slow and serene, with plenty of room to breathe.
    2. No waiting at restaurants. With a limited number of restaurants in town, you’ll often have to wait for a table in the busy months. But in the winter, you’ll usually be seated right away at your choice of tables. A few spots do shut down for the winter season, but most are staying open to serve the locals and winter visitors. 
    3. The scenery is just as spectacular. The beaches and waterways along the Eastern Shore really are beautiful year-round, and some would argue that the sunsets are even more dramatic in the winter months. The local parks and nature preserves are open year-round, and you can often enjoy them without seeing another soul.
    4. You might get lucky with some warmer days. Yes, it can get pretty frigid with the wind blowing off the Chesapeake Bay, but there are always mild days scattered throughout the winter when you can take a long bike ride or hike through the maritime forests wearing just a light jacket. 
    5. Vacation rental prices are lower. Summer rates for vacation rentals in Cape Charles are at an all-time high, with some places getting completely booked as early as January. But rates are typically lower in the off-season, with some vacation rentals even offering seasonal special offers. Be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to find out about discounted winter rates from Cape Charles Escapes.
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